New big update of Work Tracker is out now and available at Apple’s Mac App Store

Finally we can present you our newest update of Work Tracker Version 1.3.0!  

Whats new in Version 1.3.0? 
Included in this update is a new improved user interface, the new “Done option” for jobs and in addition some minor bugfixes.

Take a look at the new version of Work Tracker at the Apple App Store

Work Tracker is now available for only 6.99 $!

As a result of the new features,   you can also take a look at our website page: 


Work Tracker - Easy time recording and documentation of your jobs.

Plan your future jobs with Work Tracker's Planning Feature. Calculate your earrings with the Cash Up Feature.

Set Time Limits and improve your work efficiency. Look what you've recently done in the History.

Simply track and send working times through your local network.


Beautiful user interface, dynamic windows and list mode.


What’s next? 
We are currently developing Work Tracker in a further stage for iOS.
In conclusion, after the next update you are more flexible regarding the documentation of your working hours.

The Lerrony Software Team